Women of Color Collective (WoCC)

Who We Are


The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) was created to provide a supportive space for women, gender non-conforming and non-binary students of color at the NYU School of Law. Through supportive networking, public education, and collective initiatives, WoCC seeks to advance the needs of these students  and thereby enrich the educational and social experience at the law school.

Our Goals

We believe that WoCC can serve as a critical resource to the law school community in the following ways:

Mentorship and Support: Our formal  student mentorship program for incoming students coupled with informal mentorship which develops from our programing provides guidance for our members.  We also provide a formal private professional mentorship program where our members are paired with practitioners from firms that sponsor WoCC. Additionally, we facilitate monthly meetings for group discussion of critical issues as well as  social events to promote interaction and mentorship between women of color at the law school.

Professional Development: Events featuring attorneys working in the private or public sector allow WoCC to prepare our members for their post-graduate careers.  We also host an annual panel of 2L and 3L law students to discuss summer internships with 1Ls that is endorsed and co-hosted by various affinity groups within NYU Law.

Service: Our annual male beauty pageant, Mr. WoCC, allows law students and outside vendors to participate in fundraising efforts with all of the proceeds going to nonprofits benefiting women of color.

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