South Asian Law Students Association

The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) was formed in 1994 in order to address the needs of students of South Asian origin at NYU School of Law. SALSA seeks to provide a platform for South Asian solidarity and a forum for the discussion of South Asian activism, minority issues, career pathways, and community outreach. SALSA has organized brown-bag lunches and discussion with South Asian attorneys, participated in happy hours with South Asian organizations from other area law schools, and organized professional development events for students. We also celebrate our South Asian heritage through dinners and cultural functions. Every year we organize a fall Diwali party (SALSA Ball) that is well attended by the entire NYU School of Law community.

Community building amongst our members is one of SALSA’s most important objectives. Not only is the presence of a community integral for 1Ls/LLMs in their acclimation to NYU Law, but it also helps all of our members navigate the law school experience more smoothly. SALSA works to cultivate a climate of community and mentorship for 1Ls and LLMs to become a part of and 2Ls/3Ls to continue to actively engage in throughout their tenure at NYU. In addition, SALSA aims to contribute to the value that affinity groups bring to inclusiveness and diversity on campus. As a small minority in the law school community, we are personally aware of how these qualities impact the student experience and improve mental health for underrepresented student groups.  With opportunities for mentorship and a uniquely shared sense of community, we aim to help our membership thrive and give back to the law school community.

SALSA encourages all prospective students of South Asian origin to join the NYU School of Law community and to participate in our organization. 

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