Rights over Tech (R/T)

Mission Statement

Founded in 2019, Rights over Tech (R/T) is a student organization dedicated to ensuring that technology serves human and civil rights. At R/T, we seek to create spaces where techies and non-techies alike can have meaningful, challenging conversations about the impact of technologies, particularly on the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have PhDs in engineering or computer science; others bring experience working within tech companies, governments, or non-profits. In all, our goal is to provide students with the space to grow their legal, technical, and personal understandings of technology and its effects.



List of Officers 

Name  Position Email Address
Jacob Leiken President jacob.leiken@law.nyu.edu
Nicholas Tilmes Vice President net266@nyu.edu
Rebecca Kahn Treasurer rebecca.kahn@law.nyu.edu
JD Mireles Activism Chair jdm9924@nyu.edu

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