Rights over Tech (R/T)

Mission Statement

Rights over Tech’s (R/T) mission is to ensure human and civil rights take supremacy over technology and the power structure that creates it. We will work against those who sanction, design, or deploy science or technology that violates these rights, especially the rights of those who are vulnerable and marginalized. We will build a space where all members of the Law School community can have safe but challenging conversations about the development and deployment of technology with perspectives informed by differences in race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, visibility of disability, religion, immigration status, ability, and class. We will be an invaluable social, academic, and professional resource, as well as a means to connect with one another.



List of Officers 

Name Position Email Address
Lorna Mosher President lmm866@nyu.edu
Joseph Krakoff Treasurer jhk900@nyu.edu
Cassi Carley Co-founder; 3L Board Member cmc1255@nyu.edu
Marc Canellas Co-founder; 3L Board Member mcc842@nyu.edu
Santana Jackson 3L Board Member svj245@nyu.edu
Kara Smith 2L Board Member kss522@nyu.edu
Daniel Schiano 2L Board Member dfs311@nyu.edu


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