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Welcome to the Real Estate and Urban Policy (REUP) Forum at NYU Law School!

For those 1L law students who are ambitious, looking for a stimulating intellectual community, and eager to engage with the dynamic field of real estate and urban policy, we invite you to join us. The REUP Forum offers unparalleled learning opportunities, engaging workshops, and insightful dialogues with industry experts.

Engage with Industry Experts

As a REUP member, you’ll gain the unique chance to interact with distinguished speakers from diverse sectors of the industry. Last year, we held an enlightening conversation with NYU Law alum, Jake Elghanayan. As the Senior Vice President at TF Cornerstone, he provided deep insights into the acquisition of Grand Central Terminal and its air rights, and the ongoing development at the site of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

We've also had the pleasure of hosting insightful dialogues with Karen Scanna and David Dishy, prominent figures who led the delicate and complex negotiations that resulted in the successful bid for the Essex Crossing development. They shared intricate details about their negotiation strategies, contributing to a rich understanding of how large-scale developments come to fruition.

Learning Opportunities

We facilitate workshops that offer you the chance to learn from accomplished professionals. Our session with the acclaimed real estate team from Gibson Dunn provided a comprehensive introduction to real estate transactions. Additionally, our lunch session hosted by Kramer Levin's Real Estate Team offers insights into the practical aspects of real estate law.

Book Club

Our book club provides a space to explore seminal works and engage in stimulating discussions. In our inaugural session, we delved into "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein, unraveling the forgotten history of government-induced racial segregation in America's housing policy.

Public Housing Discussions

Our group focuses not only on commercial real estate but also delves into critical social issues. We hosted Vivian Brady-Phillips, the Executive Director of Jersey City Housing Authority, who shared her extensive knowledge and experiences in managing public housing.


REUP provides a vibrant intellectual community for law students who are intrigued by real estate and urban policy. Whether you are eying a career in real estate law or interested in the broader implications of urban policy, we offer opportunities to expand your knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and contribute to thought-provoking discussions.

Join REUP today and be part of a thriving community of law students shaping the future of real estate and urban policy at NYU Law School.

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