Student Organizations

Recent College Graduate Mentors (RCGM)

Recent College Graduate Mentors (RCGM) seeks to promote a cohesive student body by drawing on the unique resources of the New York University School of Law community.

RCGM will establish a forum for mentorship, outreach and direct service related to incoming first-year students who are straight-through from college or university.

Additionally, RCGM aims to build a network for future straight-through students that will connect them to student organizations and career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

RCGM will focus on facilitating an easier transition to law school for the straight-through student and advance its mission through speakers, social events, community service and other activities.

2022 - 2023 Board

Chair, Samantha Coulson (

Vice-Chair, Isabel Feuer (

Mentorship Chair, Vic Thede ( 

Academic Chair, Alexis Biegen (

Treasurer, Cara Day (


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