Student Organizations

Public Interest Law Student Association (PILSA)

PILSA serves as an umbrella organization for public interest activities at NYU Law. We seek to unite students to advance public interest resources at NYU and foster a diverse, welcoming community of public interest-oriented students on campus. PILSA serves as a liaison between students and PILC by engaging in meetings with the Dean of Public Service and PILC to address the concerns of the public interest community. Additionally, PILSA  organizes its own student events and initiatives and produces informational resources for students interested in public interest extracurricular activities, internships, and careers. PILSA also supplements and cosponsors the learning opportunities provided by PILC and other student groups in order to ensure that students have access to a variety of information about public interest careers.


2021-2022 Board Members

Rachel Bronkema, Co-Chair,

Shona Hemmady, Co-Chair,

Sarah Percoski, Co-Chair,

Clay Halbert, Communications Chair

Brittany Lee, Treasurer

Arielle Lipan, Diversity and Outreach Coordinator

Zaynab Said, Diversity and Outreach Coordinator

Abby Nyberg, Mentoring Coordinator

Kiri Van Lengen-Welty, Mentoring Coordinator



2L Working Group Members

Claire Bartholomew

EJ Benjamin

Hailey Cunningham

Violet Fortier

Connor Fraser

Colton Jackson

Sam Krevlin


Marisa O'Toole

Kathryn Sachs


3L Working Group Members

Zoe Zakin

Bill Baker


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