Student Organizations

National Security Law Society

The National Security Law Society (NSLS), a student organization sponsored by the Center on Law and Security, serves three primary goals:

1) We aim to promote a community of NYU students interested in national security law.

2) We work to foster informal and informative discussion with experts in different areas of national security law.

3) We create mentoring and networking opportunities for students who wish to enter the field, and provide an additional way for students to demonstrate their interest in national security to potential employers. 

To accomplish this mission, our group organizes several types of events: informal lunch discussions with invited guests, student-led reading group meetings, and mentoring and career development events.  These events give students the chance to engage in lively debates about different areas of national security law with invited guests who are truly experts in their fields.  Join us!

For more information, please contact current President, Ariana Rowberry, at