Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)

Mission Statement

The mission of the NYU Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is to foster Indigenous sovereignty in and beyond NYU Law through academic, community, political, organizational, and professional support for Indigenous students and others interested in Indigenous legal issues and the dismantling of settler colonialism. 

Vision Statement

NYU NALSA will accomplish our mission by:

  • Fostering and encouraging communal development;
  • Providing an informational and support network for students interested in Indigenous legal and cultural issues;
  • Connecting with and supporting the work of local advocacy groups and Urban Indigenous communities;
  • Advocating for institutional change within NYU Law to drive the increase of Indigenous students in attendance and to ensure their support and success;
  • Instilling a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of Indigenous communities at NYU Law and beyond;
  • Increasing awareness of Indigenous issues, viewpoints, culture, and societies. 

Contact Information

To connect with NYU NALSA, feel free to contact Ashley Williams:

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