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Midwestern Law Society

Founded in 2016, the NYU Midwestern Law Society is dedicated to providing a professional and social network to Midwest natives and Midwestern hopefuls.

We bring together law students both originally from the Midwest (whether or not they intend to return), and those who are interested in establishing their legal careers on the Midwest. In addition to organizing mixers and game watches for our members and providing important resources to our members (like where you can find cheese curds in NYC), we work closely with the Office of Career Services and the Judicial Clerkship Office to develop better materials and guidance for students who wish to make their way back home to the heartland after graduation.

Consider joining the Nicest* Student Group on Campus!

* a title we amicably share with the Canadian Law Organization.

Image Description: A Midwestern Law Society T-shirt capturing all of the midwestern states captioned "The nicest student group on campus"

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