NYU Mediation Organization (NMO)

The NYU Mediation Organization (NMO) is dedicated to spreading and implementing mediation as an effective tool of conflict resolution, both within New York University School of Law and the broader legal and general community. NMO serves to not only encourage mediation, but to provide NYU Law students an opportunity to mediate in real life contexts. The NYU Mediation Organization is designed to offer students a hands-on experience by mediating real disputes arising between real parties, while at the same time relieving the heavy load on overburdened courthouses.

Each Spring semester, students undergo intensive mediation training, including the nature of mediation, mediation techniques, developing listening skills, working with co-mediators, and establishing rapport with parties to a dispute. Teams of mediators then apply the dispute resolution techniques learned in training to mediate real disputes, alongside coaches, and mediation supervisors, within the New York State court system. The teams often work out of the Bronx Small Claims Court and encounter a variety of cases that include landlord-tenant disputes, auto accidents, work contracts, and unpaid bills.

In addition to fostering invaluable skills, students will gain a deeper understanding of the role mediation plays in the legal context. NMO members will also have the opportunity to build relationships with students from surrounding law schools and attorneys with mediation experience.

If you would like to participate or have questions, please contact us through our "Contact Us" page.

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