Law Women

Board Members

2022-2023 Board Members



Rachel Burns & Martha Strautman


Co-Vice Presidents for Operations & Finance

Mary McNicholas & Arielle Rosen


Student Outreach Co-Chairs

Marieme Diallo, Linda Kate Gilbreath & Rebecca Sokolow


Professional Development Private Sector Co-Chairs

Willa Lu & Toni Xu


Professional Development Public Interest Chair

Kate Evans


High School Mentoring Co-Chairs

Jenny Braverman & Cara Maines


Partnership & Diversity Co-Chairs

Lexi Julien & Ana Molina


Social Co-Chairs

Sophia Dilworth & Hallie Moor


Advocacy Co-Chairs

Sharon Glick & Helen Griffiths


Development Co-Chairs

Amanda Blazek & Ryan Grawe


Wholeness Co-Chairs

Cameron Carpenter, Madeleine Muzdakis & Chanique Vassell

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