Law Women

Board Members

2020-2021 Board Members



Julia Bruce & Iva Petkova


Co-Vice Presidents for Operations & Finance

Kaitlyn McMillan & Elen Shlyakhanova


Student Outreach Co-Chairs

Michelle Kelrikh, Julia Kang & Cher Huiyan Zhang


Professional Development Co-Chairs

Chloe Lustig & Maggie Valachovic


High School Mentoring Co-Chairs

Zoe Zakin & Gabriella Johnston


Partnership & Diversity Co-Chairs

Kate Clendenen & Sue Ahn


Advocacy Co-Chairs

Hannah Colter & Heather Szilagyi


Development Co-Chairs

Miranda Rosen & Brittany Shaar


Wholeness Co-Chairs

Erin Kim & Danielle Piacentile

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