Law Women

Board Members

2020-2021 Board Members



Ayo Osobamiro & Tina LaRitz


Co-Vice Presidents for Operations & Finance

Courtney Wax & Lara Fishbane


Student Outreach Co-Chairs

Kathryn Sachs, Bele Edeoga & Sakiko Nishida


Professional Development Co-Chairs

Private Sector Chair: Emma Olcott; Public Sector Chair: Soleil X Ball Van Zee


High School Mentoring Co-Chairs

Rachel Bronkema & Talia Lorch


Partnership & Diversity Co-Chairs

Deborah Leffell & Marisa O'Toole


Social Co-Chairs

Aine Carolan & Ariel Errar


Advocacy Co-Chairs

Madeline Leibin & Rebecca Saber


Development Co-Chairs

Danielle Eiger & Lindsay Harris


Wholeness Co-Chairs

Eliza Hopkins, Katie Zavadski & Laura Sabia

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