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2021-2022 Law Democrats Board


Rebecca Saber

Jack Hipkins

Policy Committee Chair

Ben Kaminoff 

Political Committee Chair

Harry Rube  


Jimmy Bromley  

Communications Chair

Matt Forgette  

Social Media Chair

Rachel Baruck  


2020-2021 Law Democrats Board


Dan Lipkowitz

Policy Committee Chair

Michael Kowiak 

Political Committee Chair

Hannah Colter  

Communications Chair

Alon Handler  


2019-2020 Law Democrats Board


Rachel Baron

Policy Committee Chair

Alex Frey 

Political Committee Chair

Cara Ortiz  

Social Committee Chair

Ryan Woods 

Communications Chair

Mickey Desruiseaux  


Adriana Morton 

2018-2019 Law Democrats Board


Amanda DeMasi

Nahuel Fefer

Policy Directors

Marty Ascher

Alyssa Waaramaa

Political Directors

Jordan Beres

Kai Fiske


Emma Iannini

 2017-2018 Law Democrats Board

Nicholas Baer

Gavin Mackie

Dan Weinstein

Political Co-Director (Campaign Coordinator)
Andy Kim

Communications Director
Tamara Cesaretti

Policy, Research, and Professional Development Directors
Madeline McMahon

Katherine Thorstad


 2015-2016 Law Democrats Board

David Cohen

Grace Leeper

Phil Brown

Political Director
Tyler Domino

Communications Directors
Cory Hansen

Policy, Research, and Professional Development Director
Cole Stevens

Events Director
Lauren Webb

 2014-2015 Law Democrats Board

Andrew Grubin

Daniel Rudofsky

Scott Rosenthal

Political Director
Sam Levor

Communications Directors
Cerin Lindgrensavage

Policy Director
Doug Lindner 

Social Events & Alumni Relations Director
Dan Davidson

Political Events & Outreach Director
Courtney Weisman

National Liason
Michael Pernick


 2013-2014 Law Democrats Board

Michael Pernick

Rafael Reyneri

Mat Ahn

Organizing Director
Chris Leuchten

Co-Communications Directors
Alan Mendelsohn

Sara Molinoff

Political Director
Adam Axler

Law Democrats Board 2012-2013

Alex Levy

Kadeem Cooper

Leah Martin

Chris Asta
Co-Political Director

Varun Jain
Co-Political Director

Julia Pilcer
Organizing Director

Jon Bodansky
Communications Director

Law Democrats Board 2009-2010

Erin Scharff, co-president -- Erin was born in the progressive hot-bed that was the Ark-La-Tex region in the early 1980s; her first grade teacher was worried about her when she cast her vote for Dukakis in the school's mock '88 election, but Erin knew her parents would be proud. --

Judah Ariel, co-president -- Judah has been a proud Ohioan since 2006 - 13 years after moving to Cleveland - having helped to finally turn Ohio blue. Despite campaigning for Democrats beginning in sixth grade, Judah is more policy wonk than political hack. --

Mike Nadler, co-political director -- Mike graduated with honors from Columbia University in 2007 where he studied Political Science and Economics. He has worked in city government and politics, and spent this past summer working for Davis Wright Tremaine and Professor Epstein. --

Adrienne Rose, co-political director -- Adrienne has been an active politico since 1992 after volunteering on her first campaign -- Boxer-Feinstein for Senate. In the years since then, Adrienne has fled her hometown of Los Angeles for New York City and Washington, DC where she has remained involved in politics and policy, preferring the latter, by volunteering on numerous races and working for a Member of Congress. --

Danielle Escontrias, organizing director -- Danielle served as president of the University Democrats at UT El Paso and as an elected precinct chair in the El Paso democratic party. Danielle spent her 1L summer working for the non-profit, Mental Health Advocacy Services. She is also on the board of the Law ACLU. --

Jared Roscoe, treasurer-- Born and raised in the battleground city of Columbus in the battleground state of Ohio, Jared has worked in Democratic politics since college when he interned in the office of then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. After graduating, he worked for San Jose Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren for two years in Washington, DC. In 2006 and 2008 he volunteered in Columbus to support the Democra ticket. --

Darryl Stein, co-technology director-- Darryl hails from Sam Seaborn's fictional district in the West Wing -- Orange County, California -- and is hoping that his imagined election will be made reality by Irvine Mayor Beth Kromm. --

Jason Law, co-technology director-- Jason comes from the red eastern suburbs of Los Angeles. His first experience with Democratic politics came at age 8, when his 11 year old cousin told him he supported Clinton for president. After months working for the election of Barack Obama, Jason spent his most recent summer working for a member of the Chinese Communist Party. --

Law Democrats Board 2008-2009

Dan Hughes

Kristina Portner

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