Law Democrats

The NYU Law Democrats seek to promote progressive political change and raise awareness of how politics affect our laws and lives. Building on the energy from this election year, we strive to help law students become engaged political activists and leaders. Law Dems work to organize students in support of Democratic candidates and issues, such as universal health care, global warming, and civil rights & liberties. Our activities include panels on using a JD in politics and fora on important political and legal issues, Election Day poll monitoring, canvassing for candidates and issue campaigns, political skills trainings, and social events as well as hosting speakers from Democratic politics and candidate debates.

Feel free to contact our board if you have any questions.

2022-2023 Law Democrats Board


Pieter Brower

Policy Committee Chair

Robert McCarthy

Political Committee Chair

Hailey Kruger

1L Representatives

Alec Cinque

Claudia Hanover

Gigi Wade



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