The Law & Government Society

Welcome to the Law & Government Society!

The NYU Law & Government Society (LGS) is dedicated to creating and cultivating a community of students who wish to work in government.  From student mentorship opportunities to practitioner panels and fireside chats, our mission is to inspire students to serve, to provide insight into career pathways, and to show students "how the Government really works."


We have hosted a series of events in the past, including:

  • Welcome Social with Michael Goldberger, the Chief to the Civil Rights Division at the Eastern District of New York

  • Fireside Chat with Caroline Krass, Obama’s General Counsel of the CIA

  • Panel with Practitioners who work in Government at the City, State, and Federal Levels

  • Ethics in Government Roundtable: What to do when you disagree? A discussion with Troy McKenzie on the role of the civil servant

  • Social for the Summer to connect students who are working in government positions in the same cities over the summer


For more information about LGS or to sign up for our mailing list, please contact our president: Jackson Frazier (

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