Latin American Arbitration Association (LAAS)

The Latin American Arbitration Association (LAAS) is a student organization focused on Latin American commercial and investment arbitration. The goal is to generate a space for the discussion of issues specific to the region and the promotion of ideas to improve arbitration practice in Latin America and in the international community in general. It also aims to highlight Latin America as an important region for the practice of arbitration.

The LAAS seeks to provide a forum where both students and practitioners from different countries of the region can discuss issues specific to the region and share experiences, learn from each other, and reach solutions. Furthermore, the Latin American Arbitration Society seeks to highlight Latin America as an important region for the practice of arbitration, promoting the practitioner’s insights, sharing experiences and solutions with other regions facing similar issues, and, ultimately, helping to enhance the practice of arbitration worldwide. Finally, it seeks to provide networking channels for students, alumni, and practitioners dealing with Latin American-related international arbitration. That way, current members will receive mentoring in their professional and academic lives.

A student organization focusing on Latin American arbitration is especially relevant in NYU because New York is the biggest hub for Latin American arbitration worldwide—maybe only matched by Washington D.C.

Founders of the Latin American Arbitration Society:

  • David Meza (LLM 2021)
  • Antonio Larrain  (LLM 2022)
  • Manuel Ferreyros:  (LLM 2021)
  • Hugo Forno Odría (LLM 2021)
  • Carlos Hafemann (LLM 2022)
  • Carolina Lopez Tobar  (LLM 2022)

If you would like to know more about our organization, or how to get involved, please contact us as indicated below:



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