JD/MBA Association

The JD/MBA Association Logo, purple letters with a modern slash design running between JD and MBA

Who we are: 

The JD/MBA Association is NYU's only club recognized by both Stern and NYU Law School. 

The JD/MBA program at NYU is one of the nation's premiere law and business joint degree programs. The JD/MBA Association welcomes candidates admitted to the program, those considering applying, and students who are just interested in law and business.

We work with many single-degree students from both Stern and Law who can learn and benefit from exposure to the other school—which truly is every student. We also help those enrolled in the JD/MBA program to meet the requirements, to get the most out of both schools, and to present a wide variety of options for those seeking non-traditional career paths.

What we do:

JD/MBA students come together and discuss job opportunities, business ideas and legal questions. Throughout the year the Association hosts career panels, dinners with alumni, symposiums, and lunches with professionals.  

The Association also facilitates an annual Spring Break trip for twelve students. In recent years, destinations have included Hong Kong, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Berlin. During these trips we meet with leading business and industry professionals, as well as legal experts. 

The Association has developed global relationships with market leading companies and their senior management who speak regularly with the membership. Recognized as one of the leading JD/MBA programs, we have established connections with many firms interested in hiring NYU JD/MBA's for internships or full-time employment.

Our Mission Statement:

(1) To foster community, learning, and professional development by bringing together students from Stern and Law. 

(2) To enhance student extracurricular learning at NYU Stern and NYU Law, and facilitate early relationships between New York City's future leaders in Business and Law. 

(3) To increase awareness about the strength of NYU's JD/MBA dual-degree program and work with the administration to decrease the unique hurdles faced by JD/MBA students. 

Join Us!

The JD/MBA program at NYU is a unique educational experience and the Association is here to ensure that our members get the most of their two, three, or four years at NYU. Please contact us with questions or for more information regarding the program, the club’s activities, or the current board.

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