Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society


Welcome to the Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society at NYU Law


NYU's IPELS is a student-run organization that seeks to promote the study and practice of intellectual property law and entertainment law within the law school community. We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach, housing four distinct committees: Fashion Law, Tech Law, Entertainment Law and Patent Law. Each committee hosts career panels, educational events, networking opportunities and practical skills-labs to inspire students to explore the extensive range of opportunities within intellectual property practice. We act as a liaison between NYU law students and industry professionals who provide our members with valuable career and academic advice.

Be sure to check our Events page for information about our upcoming panels, speakers, and symposiums.

2018-2019 Board

Kiki Hosie
Kathryn Leicht

Justin Rosinski

Committee Chairs


Tech Law 
Rebecca Sobel
Austin Gillet

Joshua Barkow
Nico Hirschfield

Elina Milshtein
Nicholas Vincent

Laura Zhu
Robert Minn



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