Gender Violence Advocacy Project (GVAP)

The Gender Violence Advocacy Project (GVAP) works in various ways to support survivors of domestic violence. GVAP operates two public service programs for students, supervised by Sanctuary for Families, a New York domestic violence service-provider. Sanctuary for Families runs trainings for law student participants to prepare them for these programs. 

Through the Courtroom Advocates Program (CAP), law students assist women at Family Court in getting orders of protection from their batterers. Students advocates will help survivors draft their complaints, answer any questions, and assist the survivor when they appear before the judge.

In the Uncontested Divorce Project (UDP), students assist survivors of domestic violence in obtaining a divorce from their batterer. Student advocates work directly with a client, from the interview stage to the final moment when papers are filed in court .

GVAP hosts events and invites speakers to the Law School throughout the year and sponsors events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

In recent years, GVAP has organized a major fundraising event for Survived and Punished, a non-profit that highlights the relationship between the carceral system and the pervasiveness of gender violence. 

For more information about how to get involved with GVAP, NYU Law Students should e-mail

GVAP Board 2022-2023:

President: Jenny Braverman

Vice President: Hailey Kruger

CAP Coordinator: Megan Flynn

UDP Coordinator: Sharon Glick

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