The European Legal Society (EULS)

The European Legal Society (EULS) at NYU School of Law was founded in September 2021. EULS gathers current law students, recent graduates, and alumni with an interest in matters related to the European Union and/or the Council of Europe and everything related to the intersection between law and policy amongst the EU members, the Council of Europe states and other countries. The main goal of the group is to provide social, networking, educational and professional opportunities to law students and young lawyers to learn more about the different cultures of the European legal systems in a spirit of scientific cooperation, all under the common intellectual voyage of the American legal studies provided by NYU Law. EULS articulates an annual agenda that is decided by the Board of Directors upon its election for a year’s tenure. This agenda will include the execution or will set the basis for the future execution of the following:

  • Educational training through conferences, seminars, workshops, panels and moot courts;
  • Cultural empowerment through the forum of discussion that will be provided for the members to discuss about the legal systems of their countries;
  • Professional networking through the events and through its EULS alumni book register system that EULS will set up to connect current members with alumni;
  • Social interaction through social events that EULS will set up for its members.

The current Executive Board of EULS (2022-23) is composed by the following students:

Eugenia Muscolo

Maria Torres Freire

Valentine Wolf

Board Member-Vocal
Edoardo Tonachella

Board Member-Vocal
Nikolas Vadivoulis


If you would like to join our Society, please fill out the membership form.

To be updated on our events, engage as an officer of the Society or for any query please e-mail us at

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