Environmental Law Society

Board Members

2022-23 Board

If you have any questions about Environmental Law Society, feel free to reach out to any of the board members below.

Ariana Arzani & Ellie Newman
Soorim Song
Communications Chair
Josh Podolsky
Ira Berkley & Madeleine Smith
Community and Sustainability Chairs
Anna Dell'Amico
Social Chair
Alice Viera
Academic Chair
Corban Ryan & Kyle McKenney
Career & Speakers Chairs
Erica Liu & Claire McNulty
Advocacy Chairs

Previous Boards



Ursa Heidinger & Catalina Villegas (Co-Chairs), Glenn Korman (Communications Chair), Katie Blair (Social Chair), Tess Cobrinik (Treasurer), Connor Fraser (Career & Speakers Chair), Dov Korff-Korn (Advocacy Chair)

Class Board Reps: Ariana Arzani, Ellie Newman, Josh Podolsky, Claire McNulty, Soorim Song, Anna Dell'Amico, Erica Liu, Michael Hannaman, Corban Ryan, Olivia Fine, Sabrina Duiella, Damon Gilbert, Ryan Backman


William Rose & Anne Tewksbury (Co-Chairs), Emily Stewart (Communications Chair), Lilly Leibu (Events & Social Chair), Kara Smith (Treasurer), Nardos Girma (Career & Speakers Chair).

1L Board Reps: Cameron Bills, Katie Blair, Tess Cobrinik, Connor Fraser, Jonathan Glustein, Ursa Heidinger, Dov Korff-Korn, Glenn Korman, Catalina Villegas, Brooks Weinberger.

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