Student Organizations

Defender Collective

The Defender Collective is a student association at NYU Law dedicated to supporting, educating, and bringing together students interested in public defense while promoting access to the field. We organize mentorship opportunities and socials to build a strong community for defenders and to facilitate discussion about the criminal legal system in the United States and our roles as future legal actors within it.  The Defender Collective is explicitly anti-racist and operates with an understanding that public defenders serve predominately Black and Brown communities who have been targeted by a criminal legal system infected by the legacy of slavery and racial inequality in America. The Collective organizes events such as panels to discuss different facets of public defense including different models of defense work. 


2021-2022 Officers

Clay Halbert,

Sean Langberg,

Catherine O'Neill,

Rebecca L Orleans,

Ghislaine Pages,

Padraic Sieber,

Jamie Hin Hon Wong,


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