Coalition on Law & Representation

The Coalition on Law & Representation (CoLR) is committed to increasing the diversity of the student body, faculty, and curriculum at NYU Law. Diversity means not only difference in race, ethnicity, class, ability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, culture, and language but also variety in ideology and perspective.

Law is power. CoLR seeks to democratize that power by diversifying the institutions that control access to knowledge of the law and its practice. Through a variety of programs and projects, CoLR works to ensure that the students, faculty, and academic content inside the Law School are more reflective of the world that interacts with the law outside of school. In so doing, CoLR aims to support a society in which the power to make, interpret and enforce law is held not by a privileged few but by the progressive many.

The following projects are currently underway:

Faculty Diversity

CoLR participates in faculty hiring committees and cooperates with the Student Body Association in an effort to increase faculty diversity.

Student Diversity

CoLR engages in outreach to prospective students and works to promote diverse student retention.

Curricular Diversity

CoLR sponsors the Derrick Bell Critical Reading Group, a twice-monthly meeting that fosters critical dialogue on the law among students and with faculty.

CoLR campaigns for the formation of a Center for Race and the Law at NYU Law School.

Community Building

In the fall, CoLR hosts the 1L Family Dinner for first year law students of diverse backgrounds and their allies. In the spring, CoLR hosts the Family of CoLR Appreciation Dinner (FoCAD) to show student appreciation for our diverse faculty and staff.


2022-23 Contacts

Contact Email:

Co-President: Jahnavi Jagannath,

Co-President: Sanjay Dureseti,

Treasurer:  EJ Benjamin,


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