Class of 2020 Graduation Gift

Committee Members

Class of 2020 Gift Committee Members:

JD Chairs
Isaiah Evans
Alyssa Waaramaa

LLM Chairs
Himaja Bhatt LLM ’20
Gutemberg Pacheco LLM ’20
Ana Victoria Laguna Perez Grovas LLM ’20
Garrick Ehlers LLM ’20

Class Gift Committee
Mae Bowen
Basak Hancerliogullari LLM ’20
Geoffrey Adom LLM ’20
Aaron Mitchell LLM ’20
Fitzgerald Eze
Catalina Baron LLM ’20
Nick Saddy
Samantha Cook

If you are interested in joining the Class of 2020 Gift Committee, please contact Carleigh McFarlane at or (212) 998-6401.

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