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Canadian Law Organization

Canadians and Canada enthusiasts!

You may or may not have heard the good news: we've started a Canadian student group! Thanks for stopping by our student organization page!

Officially we're the Canadian Law Organization of NYU AKA the Canadian Loonys (close enough.. you try coming up with good acronyms). Whatever you call us, we've got some awesome ideas and are gonna be doing some cool stuff that's all Canada-themed -oriented or -interested, and we'd love to get you involved. 

The cool things we're planning for this year and beyond...

On the one side (the side with the animal on it), we're gonna be doing some super fun and cool Canada-themed events... hockey game bar nights, poutine/double double study breaks, Blue Jays game at Yankee Stadium, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Terry Fox Run...... and many more! A great way to hang out, make connections with other Canadians (and Canada-minded folk), and be smug about good health-care and a 10-week election.

On the flip side (Her Majesty's side), we're here to serve all your unique interests as Canadian law students. We'll be hosting career events with Canadian Lawyers, and info sessions on Canadian Clerkship applications. We'll be advocating for your unique interests, such as a second year of CPT eligibility, and better Loan Repayment Assistance Program procedures. We'll be working to establish professional connections, with Seven Sisters law firms (most of which have NY offices!), with the Canadian Consulate, with a network of Canadian alums.

Have some particular knowledge about some challenge or process affecting Canadian law student or legal professional???

Have you figured out the best way to have your Canadian credit score count here? Have you applied for internships in Ottawa? Have you delved deep into the depths of trying to figure out how to get a Canadian loan repaid through the Loan Repayment Assistance Program? Then this is a call to you! We want to build an infobank of all the collective knowledge about challenges and tips particular to Canadians (or just international students generally), so PLEASE get in touch with us so we can pick your brain. For your efforts, we'll buy you lunch, coffee, or a couple of pints!

Contact Info

Until we get our official email, please don’t hesitate to email President Kevin Tupper,, or VP Richard Pan,

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