Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association

APALSA: Mission and Goals


As one of the largest student organizations on campus, APALSA is defined by the expansiveness of our member interests, the vibrancy of our community, and the collective achievements of our students. APALSA has been striving to serve the needs of the Asian/Pacific-American student community at NYU School of Law since 1978. APALSA values the diversity of our members, who offer an astonishing range of personal experiences and cultural understandings. Our strength derives from our commitment to creating an open and welcoming environment, which encourages community while maintaining our individual uniqueness.

The APALSA Executive Board comprise of Elected Chairs. Our chairs program a broad range of community, academic, political, networking, and social activities, facilitate collaboration with internal and external organizations and the Administration, promote the cross-pollination of ideas, and provide members with venues through which to formally address issues and voice opinions.

Collectively, the APALSA chairs undertake a wide offering of annual events and projects. The Korematsu Lecture remains one of the foremost forums to feature the groundbreaking and inspiring work of Asian American legal practitioners and academics. Through our Outreach Chairs, we connect current law students with alumni and local non-profit organizations working with the Asian Pacific American communities in New York City. The Admissions Chair is active in reaching out to and recruiting prospective and admitted students. Our Professional Chairs have been instrumental in providing resources to helping students evaluate academic, private, or public sector career options. Our Public Interest chairs have worked hard in educating and maintaining our commitment to student activism. Our Social Chairs continue to unite our community through building mutual trust and respect. Annual social events demonstrate that getting to know each other is easier with good food and socializing.

With each year's experiences as guides, APALSA continues to reflect on what we want our organization to stand for while contributing to the broader NYU School of Law communities. APALSA has worked tirelessly within the law school to expand its programs, strengthen ties, and build a community and multiple communities with which it is proud to be identified.

Many thanks go to our Executive Board and Committee Members who serve with unparalleled energy and spirit, to our membership whose participation in events strengthens community, and to the broader community of dedicated professors, administrators, and student organizations–including the ALSAs, Coalition for Legal Recruiting (CoLR), and Women of Color Collective (WOCC)–who collectively contribute to building a stronger, more vibrant NYU School of Law.

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