Hospitality & Food Services: Student Organization Guidelines

    As soon as possible, make a room request based on your event needs by going to the How to Book Space for an Event at NYU School of Law webpage. You can find contact information for the Department of Hospitality and Food Services on their webpage, and you can also reach out with questions to Events Assistant, Alex Inskeep, or Events Coordinator, Stephanie Kaminoff.
  2. SPACE
    Space is very limited so book as early as possible.  Avoid having events during the quiet period before final exams and holiday weekends.  To book space you must have your student organization account number.  To reserve special event rooms (i.e. Greenberg Lounge, Lipton Hall) for your large events, fill out the Law School Event Request Form. For smaller space needs for meetings in classrooms and student lounges you can go directly to the Event Management System:

    For all event spaces (i.e. Greenberg Lounge, Tishman Auditorium, Lipton Hall, Faculty Club, Snow Dining Room, Lester Pollack Colloquium, and Support Room 910) if your event is cancelled within 30 days of the event, you will be charged 100% of the full room charge that is normally waived when the event takes place. Should cancellation occur due to circumstances beyond the control of the student organization, charges will be reviewed on a case by case basis for consideration of rescheduling or fee waivers.
    1. CBS Fee: For events that are in event spaces (i.e. Greenberg Lounge, Tishman Auditorium, Lipton Hall, Faculty Club, Snow Dining Room, Lester Pollack Colloquium, and Support Room 910) and occur on a weekday before 8:00am and after 4:00pm student organizations will be required to pay a fee of $25.00 per event.  On weekends student organizations will be required to pay a fee of $50.00 per event.
    2. Events that are in classrooms and student space (i.e. Sexton Lounge, Golding Lounge and Wachtell Café) do not incur a room charge if you take the room as is.  Be sure to return the room setup to the way you found it.
    1. See the Plated Catering at NYU Law website
    1. Outside catering is only permitted in classrooms, Golding Lounge, Wachtell Café, Kushner Lounge (VH110), and Sexton Lounge. A deposit of $150.00 will be required when an outside caterer is used in one of these rooms. Your student organization account number must be entered when making the online reservation. If the room is clean and orderly after it has been used, the account will not be charged. If the room is not properly cleaned, the Office of Hospitality and Food Services will charge the account number provided.
    2. For student organizations, an exception will only be made to allow outside food and beverage in the special function rooms for items ordered from a Kosher or Halal food service that our full service kitchen cannot replicate; these events still require a wait-staff attendant and will be charged a 45% upcharge on all food ordered.  The special function rooms are Tishman Auditorium, Greenberg Lounge, Snow Dining Room, Faculty Club, Lipton Hall, Lester Pollack Colloquium and Furman Hall 910.
    3. Dining and Service Ware: All events requiring china in Snow Dining Room, Lipton Hall, or Faculty Club are subject to a $0.50 per person charge to cover maintenance and breakage. China in other spaces would have to be rented externally and would be $300+.
    4. Wait Staff charges:  Wait Staff – $28.00 per waiter/per hour with a 5 hour minimum (required - 2 hours for set-up and 1 hour for breakdown). Generally, one waiter is needed per 50 guests. However, additional wait staff will be needed for events with alcohol, events with chinaware, or extensive setup/food.
    5. Weekend Chef Managerial Fee – For all weekend events there is a $275 flat rate charge.
    6. Final Food & Beverage Counts – All final catering counts must be in one week prior to the event. Anything added later than that is subject to a 45% upcharge. Anything removed will have to be paid in full. All food and beverages ordered must be ordered for 100% of the guest count.
    7. Overtime Costs – If your event runs later than scheduled, all A/V, wait staff, and kitchen staff will be billed at time and a half.
    • Kegs of Coors and/or Coors Light - $165.00
    • Student Wine - $6.50 per person per hour
    • Student organizations may bring in outside wine into event spaces. A $7.50 corkage fee will be applied per bottle or box opened.
    • Student organizations may bring in their own bottles of wine in student spaces. If a NYU wait staff attendant is hired to serve wine in a student study space, a $7.50 corkage fee will be applied.
    • Catering prices are dependent upon menu choice.
    • NYU wait staff will be required for any student events which have catering in an event space. The number of waiters and cost will be determined by the number of guests and the nature of the event.  
    • Décor, China, and Glassware Rentals – Minimum order is $375.00
    • Coat Check – During regular school hours there is a coat check attendant in Vanderbilt Hall and Furman Hall. If your event exceeds 100 guests, an extra coat check attendant should be added. In D’Agostino Hall this would have to be added as well. Coat check attendants are $28 per hour with a minimum of four hours.
    • Security (mandatory for Lipton Hall/Faculty Club use where outside guests are in attendance) - $49.00 per hour with a 5 hour minimum
    • Compostables (serving plates, napkins, drink-ware and utensils) are $1.50 per person. If you are using our catering service then these items have been billed into the package price.
    • Upgrading to high-end chinex is $4.00 per person for buffet and bar, or $2.00 per person for bar only.
    • Disposable buffet items (sternos, chaffing dishes, etc.) are $2.00 per person. If you are using our catering service then these items have been billed into the package price. If you are bringing in your own catering to a student lounge and would like these provided, please make arrangements at least one week prior.
    • Ice is not provided in student lounges if you do not use our catering.
    • Disposable Tablecloths - $3.75/each. Each 8ft table needs (2) tablecloths. These must be picked up from the Office of Hospitality and Food Services (D'Agostino Hall, Suite M101) during business hours.
    • Table Linens - $7.50/each. Each 8ft table needs (2) tablecloths. Linens only permitted when using our catering.
    • Floral Arrangements – Minimum floral order for each event is $65.00 plus delivery.

    Please reach out to A/V Manager, Gabriel Rosenstein, with questions, and to request A/V after your room is booked. For all events needing Audio/Visual services, except for classrooms, there is a charge:
A/V Service Price
Podium Microphone $62.50
Panel Microphones (1-4, 5-8, >8) $75, $100, $125
Q&A Microphones $75
Screen/Projector $87.50
Laptop Rental $25
Music Playback $100
Polycom Conference Phone $62.50
Video Recording $300
Audio Recording $62.50
Live Streaming $175
Technician Labor Charges (Basic, Additional, Event Level Assistance) $50, $100, $50/Per Hour
Late A/V Additions (within one week) $50 Late Fee
Same Day A/V Additions $100 Rush Fee


*Please note that pricing and staffing duties are not fixed and are subject to change depending upon the type of event, the use of china, serving passed hors d’oeuvres or if the responsibilities of students are not met.