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Monaliza O. da Silva


Disseration Title: Open Deliberation in Courts: Incentives and Judicial Behavior

Supervisor: Lewis A. Kornhauser


Monaliza O. da Silva has an LL.M. degree in Legal Theory from NYU and LL.B. degree from University of São Paulo (USP). She presented her work in conferences both in law and political science in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and performed research in Brazil sponsored by São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). She is interested in multidisciplinary topics in law and politics, mainly judicial behavior in apex courts and how law influences political activity.


Privacy of deliberation is a decision-making principle in most courts. Nevertheless, publicity varies in degrees and a few courts adopt open deliberation, either by allowing the public to attend deliberative meetings or by broadcasting their sessions through radio, television and the Internet. Monaliza’s research inquires whether and to what extent open deliberation has impacts on judicial behavior. Taking into account the interaction between the judges and their responses to different audiences, the dissertation compares Brazilian apex courts with different regimes of deliberative publicity, and their development through time, before and after the introduction of television and Internet broadcasting.