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Alma Diamond

Alma Diamond JSD

Dissertation Title: Law Beyond the State? A Genealogical Inquiry.

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Jeremy Waldron


Alma Diamond holds honors degrees in economics and law from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. She also holds a South African LL.M. in addition to her Legal Theory LL.M. from NYU Law. Whilst in South Africa, she worked as senior lecturer in contract law and first-year microeconomics. At NYU Law, Alma serves as Senior Articles Editor for the Review of Law and Social Change. She has also served as research assistant to Prof. Brooks and Prof. Holland; as well as to Prof. Dyzenhaus (University of Toronto) with whom she co-authored a paper during her LL.M. year.


While at the University of Stellenbosch, Alma’s research focussed on comparative contract law. Since then, she has incorporated her interest in philosophy and economics into her research agenda. Her doctoral research focuses on legal pluralism and the relationship between law and state in jurisprudential theories. She has also written on epistemic justice, vagueness in legal reasoning, constitutional legitimacy, and the normative justifications for economic approaches to law.