Meet our JSD Students and Candidates

Teng Li


Dissertation Title: The Legitimacy of the State

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Liam Murphy


Teng Li is a JSD candidate from China. His academic interests include legal and political philosophy, constitutional theory, and administrative law. Teng graduated from the Legal Theory LLM program at NYU School of Law (2017). Prior to his graduate studies, Teng worked as a paralegal in the Hong Kong office of Paul Hastings LLP (2013-2014) and Deacons (2014-2016). Teng received his LLB degree from Sun Yat-Sen University in China (2012), and spent one year studying common law at the University of Hong Kong (2013). 


Teng’s doctoral dissertation tries to connect the notion of trust with the political legitimacy discourse. It explores the role trust plays in shaping our thinking about political legitimacy and what conditions a trust-based legitimacy theory would recommend for a state to be legitimate.