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Michele Krech


Dissertation Title: Gender Ordering in World Athletics: The Evolution of Transnational Regulatory Norms

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Benedict Kingsbury


Michele Krech is a JSD Candidate at NYU Law, affiliated with the Institute for International Law and Justice. Her research is supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and a John P. Humphrey Fellowship in International Human Rights Law and International Organization.

At NYU Law, Michele co-leads the Feminist Legal Theory Reading Group and co-teaches a seminar on Football, FIFA, and the Governance of Transnational Sport. Under the auspices of the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice, she co-convened a symposium on Football Feminism: Global Governance Perspectives.

A Canadian lawyer, Michele previously clerked at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the International Court of Justice in The Hague. She holds an LLM in International Legal Studies from NYU, a JD from the University of Ottawa, an MA from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University, and a BA in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University.


Michele’s research interests span international and transnational law, global governance and institutions, human rights and equality law, and critical legal studies. She is particularly interested in the construction, operation, and interaction of rules and norms beyond the (inter)state, as well as related accountability gaps and mechanisms.

Her doctoral project examines normative contestation, continuity, and change within the transnational legal order of World Athletics. It traces the (re)formation of governance structures and processes aimed at incorporating ‘women’ into this hybrid private-public regulatory order, and the resulting (re)production and (re)definition of global norms such as ‘gender equality’.