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Alon Agmon

Dissertation Title: The Common Good in Liberal Law and Politics: A Philosophical Inquiry

Doctoral Committee: Professor Jeremy Waldron (supervisor), Professor Liam Murphy, Professor Lewis Kornhauser


Alon Agmon is a JSD candidate from Israel. He recieved his LL.M in Legal Theory from NYU School of Law, where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar (2013/2014). Prior to his graduate studies, he worked as a legal assistant in the Civil Appeals Division of the Israeli Ministry of Justice. Alon earned his first law degree from the University of Haifa (LL.B, summa cum laude), and served, among other positions, as a research assistant and member of Haifa Law Reviews’ editorial board.


Alon's main research interests include legal philosophy, political philosophy, and their intersections. He has written about the idea of democratic law, theories of rights, and political legitimacy. His doctoral dissertation explores the role that the common good occupies in political and legal discourse and its normative significance. It attempts to explain the sense in which the fact that some law, policy, or plan is commonly good for us matters or is interesting. It examines different ways in which the common good might be relevant to the justification of law and political action, and the role it plays in shaping and informing some of the most important commitments of liberal societies.

Alon leads the upper-level reading group: Recent Work in Legal and Political Philosophy