SCAN4ME is a service for the scanning and delivery of book chapters and articles for NYU Law Students. This service is for items only owned in print in the NYU Law Library. Here are some of our policies:

  • NYU Law students may request up to one scan per day. 
  • Scans are limited to one chapter in a book or 10% of a book or other publication (whichever is less) or one article in a journal issue.
  • No scanning of casebooks, textbooks or study aids
  • No scanning of print materials if e-access to the article or book chapter is available. Before placing a request, for book chapters, please check for an e-book on the Julius catalog, Bobcat catalog and "Best Bets" e-book collections. For articles, please check for an electronic version on the Julius catalog and our Finding Articles research guide.
  • Scans are provided for the purpose of private study or research. Any other use may require the permission of the copyright owner.
  • We reserve the right to reject excessive scanning requests and any request which may constitute a violation of copyright. 
  • Because of significant staffing limitations relating to the ongoing global pandemic, we ask that this service be reserved for NYU Law Students who are unable or uncomfortable to come to the Law Library.
  • At the present time, we expect a three- to four business-day turnaround for requests. 

Sounds great? Place your request. Service limited to NYU Law students.