ILLiad Email Instructions

Messages Sent to Your NYU Email Account

Notices from the ILLiad Interlibrary System are sent to your nyu email address  from NYU LAW LIBRARY - INTERLIBRARY LOAN (    These important notices alert you when a book you ordered has arrived, or is due, etc.  These messages often end up in your SPAM or JUNK folder.  IN ORDER TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING, PLEASE FOLLOW STEPS BELOW.


  1. If you receive email to your NYU HOME GMAIL ACCOUNT (, open your SPAM folder, highlight the email message, click the down arrow next to the word MORE, and select "NOT SPAM" 
  2. Now create a filter  to prevent future messages from going to your SPAM FOLDER
    1. Click the DOWN ARROW to the right of the Search Box at the top of the page
    2. IN the "HAS THE WORDS" box type NYU Law Library
    3. In the lower right click Create filter with this search
    4. Put a check in the box "NEVER SEND IT TO SPAM"
    5. Click Create Filter


  • If you receive email to your EXCHANGE OR MERCURY ACCOUNT ( or, open your JUNK E-MAIL folder,right-click on the message, and left click JUNK, NEVER BLOCK SENDER.  This is known as "white-listing".






Messages Forwarded To a Non-NYU Email Address

If you have your emails automatically forwarded from an  NYU email account to another email account -- Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, make sure to white-list NYU's domain so that your messages don't go into a SPAM or JUNK folder there.


1.  From the search box at the top of the screen, click the down arrow, which opens the advanced search box
2. In the ‘From’ field, type [do not add or or Gmail will interpret them all as]
3. Click ‘Create filter with this search’
4. Check the box that says ‘Never send it to Spam’.
5. Click ‘Create Filter’


1. Go to your Inbox
2. Near the upper-right corner click the Gear icon, then "more email settings"
3. Click "Prevent Junk email" on the left, then "Safe and blocked senders"
4. Click Safe senders
5. In the box marked "Sender or domain to mark safe" type "" and click Add to list
6. Repeat for "", "" or "", depending on your email address


1. You must be in the email folder (inbox, spam, etc) where your message from nyu resides.  You cannot be reading the message, but in the list that displays the message.
2. Select a message that was auto-forwarded to this account by clicking the check box to the left of it.
3. Click Actions, Filter Emails Like This
4. Choose a name for the filter, for example “NYU Home”, and type it in the Name Box
5. In the Sender Box, choose “contains”, and type in
6. Beneath “Then Move the Message To”, select Inbox
7. Save