FAQ for Prospective Students about COVID-19 Policies


Will there be changes for this year's admission process?

The framework for the admissions cycle is the same for Fall 2021 applicants as in prior years. The application is available from September 1 to February 15. We accept the LSAT and GRE, as well as the LSAT-Flex and the GRE at Home. We are hosting events virtually this cycle, for prospective and admitted students.

Do you plan on offering a fully online JD program?

This year, approximately half of our 1L courses and approximately one quarter of our upper-level courses are being offered in a hybrid format of remote and in-person instruction. The balance of the curriculum is offered in an entirely remote format. In the short term, we plan to offer remote instruction as long as COVID-19 remains a concern. We will plan a transition back to fully in-person instruction once that is possible and safe.

My school and/or work has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Will that affect my chance of admission? 
The Committee on Admissions is aware that your academic program or employment may have been disrupted due to the pandemic. If your course of study or work has been interrupted as a result of COVID-19, you are welcome to submit a brief addendum explaining this to the Committee.
Will you waive standardized test requirements during the pandemic? 
All applicants for admission to the JD program are required to take either the LSAT or the GRE. Scores for both exams are valid for five years. NYU Law requires applicants to report all valid LSAT and GRE scores that they have received. NYU Law will accept either the LSAT-Flex or the GRE General Test at Home. Your application will not be penalized if you submit valid scores for either of these standardized tests. Your score(s) for the LSAT-Flex and/or the GRE General Test at Home will be incorporated as part of our holistic review process in the same manner as in-person administration of these exams.  
Will there be any changes to the deferral policy, specifically the deadline by which to make a request and is there any flexibility to have scholarship awards roll over to the deferred year? 
In prior years, the deadline to submit a request for a deferral has been mid-June. We will reevaluate this schedule for fall 2021 entering students when we have a better understanding of how the pandemic has evolved, and we will update admitted students as necessary. Scholarship awards cannot be deferred. Students who defer their admission are invited to apply for scholarships in the fall preceding their enrollment.


Will I be able to visit or walk through the buildings on my own?
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only current members of the NYU Law community are allowed to enter campus buildings. However, you may explore the area around campus, including Washington Square Park. You can also watch our Virtual Tour.
Can I observe a virtual class?
In order to protect student privacy, it is not possible to sit in on virtual classes at this time. However, we have put together a set of videos and podcasts so that you can get to know our faculty members and the kinds of classes that they teach. 
As I cannot visit campus due to COVID, how can I learn more about the student experience at NYU Law? 
You can learn about classes from a student perspective through our student videos[LINK TK], or exploring our YouTube Channel.  

NYU Law Response to COVID-19

How is the NYU community working together to keep everyone safe?

All members of the NYU Law community are doing their best to keep each other safe, and to protect and promote campus health and safety by complying with the most current federal, state, and local regulations as well as University and Law School policies related to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

All community members are required to conform at all times with these regulations and policies, including but not limited to guidelines on social distancing, face coverings, health status monitoring and reporting, testing and contact tracing, self-isolation and quarantining, and visitors. 

How are students in touch with the administration?
Throughout this uncommon time, our faculty continue to demonstrate their commitment to teaching and student support, both in and outside the classroom, in person and on Zoom. Our administrators have worked around the clock to support our students and the important work of the Law School. In addition to direct emails with the most important information, Students also have access to zoom office hours with administrative offices as well as meetings by appointment. We are also maintaining an easily accessible set of NYU Law COVID-19 Updates and Information with the latest updates on COVID-19 policy at the Law School. 
How are classes being held?
We are currently offering a mix of remote and hybrid (meaning partially in-person and partially remote) courses. This spring, we are seeking to offer at least one hybrid course to all 1Ls who want one. 1L reading groups are still being offered, giving students the opportunity to work with professors in an informal, non-graded setting. 
What does student life look like now? Are student groups and journals still active?
Though in-person events remain suspended, students are continuing to engage with the Law School’s rich community and intellectual life. Our signature Forum and a variety of other events across the Law School continue online. Students are also still able participate in a broad range of extracurricular opportunities organized by our centers, student groups, and student-run journals, including colloquia series, lectures, mentorship events, discussion groups, trivia nights, moot court competitions, and more. Our trustees and alumni associations are also here to support students and alumni.
What is the Law School doing to support students’ mental health and wellness?

The Law School prioritizes the mental health and wellness of our students as an important part of the community's health and safety. We have a variety of resources available, including: 

  • Psychological and psychiatric services through NYU's Student Health Center, including a dedicated law school counselor.
    • The SHC is conducting appointments via telehealth, and is licensed in 25 states. If a student is remotely attending courses from a state not licensed or internationally, the SHC can help provide referrals to in-network providers. 
  • The NYU Wellness Exchange, 24/7 support line available everywhere via text, video chat, or email. 
  • Informal Wellness Workshops, including a Law School Student Support Group. 
  • Mindfulness and yoga resources from MindfulNYU.
  • Online recreation classes via NYU's athletic facilities.
  • Monthly wellness newsletters from the Office of Student Affairs highlighting events, initiatives, and New York City mental health resources. 
  • Wellness events and programming including study breaks and World Mental Health Day initiatives. 
Is on-campus housing still available?
Yes. Our Law School student housing is home for many of our students, and our residence halls have remained open throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Students who are living in residence halls must follow New York State requirements for COVID-19 testing and quarantining.
Are students being tested for COVID? How often?
Students living on campus are tested once a week. Students, faculty, and administrators coming to campus regularly are tested once every two weeks. Free COVID-19 testing for all members of the NYU community is available on campus.
What will the Fall 2021 semester look like?
We are preparing for fully in-person instruction, or close to it, in the fall. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing concern; we are following closely its developments and will continue to prioritize the safety of the NYU Law community as we make our plans. We will communicate updates as soon as we have them.

The most up-to-date details about the Law School’s current measures related to COVID-19 are also available at NYU Law COVID-19 Updates and Information and University COVID-19 guidance.