NYU Law in Shanghai

Adam Jamal '15 talks about his NYU Law in Shanghai experience 

"Shanghai is the perfect place to go abroad. It is different enough that you have a unique experience, yet modern enough that you are not uncomfortable." —  Neil Thakore '15

"We took trips to the Great Wall and down the Yangtze River.  The program did an excellent job of  creating community It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone."—Leah Calvo '15

"I took intensive Chinese language classes and learned a surprising amount in six weeks. I learned more than enough to be able to get around the city with ease." — David Heck '15

Caleb Seckman '19 on how studying in Shanghai impacted his professional trajectory

"We studied Chinese corporate law and had opportunities to meet with American and Chinese business leaders and lawyers who have worked in China for years." — Michelle Lu '16

"I made dozens of friends and business contacts, partied in the hottest clubs, and studied under the best legal scholars China has to offer. Can 2L get any better?" —Darien Smith '16 (Read Darien's blogs from Shanghai.)

"The program was a delight, with >dinners, day trips, and speakers for us to enjoy. The people running it are committed to making the program the best it can be.  — Aroon Jhamb '15