Before You Apply


The program is designed primarily for third year NYU law students; exceptions for other NYU Law students will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with permission of the Vice Dean and the faculty program directors.

Transfer students must complete one year at NYU Law before they can study abroad. Visiting non- matriculated students cannot participate in the program.

Students in the following dual degree programs are subject to study abroad program regular policy:

  • JD/LLM in International Law & JD/LLM In Taxation
  • JD/MA or PhD in Economics, History, Philosophy or Politics
  • Dual Degrees with the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
  • Dual Degree with Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University

Students in the following dual degree programs are subject to study abroad program policy with restrictions:

  • JD/MBA.: Provided that 3L participants have completed all MBA credits and that Jacobson scholars work out the year-long seminar requirement with Prof. Helen Scott.
  • JD/MPA or MUP: Participation limited to 2L year
  • Dual Degree with the Silver School of Social Work at New York University: Participation limited to 3L year

Students in the following dual degree programs may not participate in the study abroad program:

  • Dual Degrees with the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
  • Dual Degree with the National University of Singapore

Students must be in good academic standing and must be in financial compliance according to the Bursar’s policies. Students will be allowed to register for courses after they have been nominated by the Office of Global Programs and have accepted their nomination.

Writing Requirement

Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill any writing requirements pending before participating in the program. Students who plan to carry out a directed research project or fulfill a writing requirement while abroad should request permission from the Faculty Program Director stating the general area of interest and the faculty member who will guide the work.

Course Load

Students are expected to register and complete a full course load while studying abroad. Minimum and maximum credits allowed by NYU will apply.

Grading Method

Credits will be calculated the same way they are in NYU, according to the ABA regulations. Each credit will be worth 700 minutes of instruction, exclusive of class breaks or final exams. Courses and seminars may evaluate students by papers, class presentations, class participation and final exams. Clinics will be evaluated by the students’ work in research, papers, fieldwork, and class presentations of fieldwork.

Tuition and Expenses

Students participating in a study abroad program pay full tuition to NYU for the semester. There is no adjustment to tuition or fees. Tuition covers the number of classes considered a full course load. Students who wish to take additional classes may do so at their expense.
Participation in a study abroad program should have no effect on an NYU law student's eligibility for financial aid grants or loans. Specific questions should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

All costs related to travel, housing, books, and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Factors to Consider

  • Students will be required to confirm participation in the program by the published date. This confirmation will be considered an irreversible commitment to participate in the program. If after confirming students wish to withdraw from the program, they will not be allowed to take courses in New York during the semester of their planned participation. Students with extraordinary circumstances may appeal this decision in writing to the Executive Committee.
  • Students should take their job search into consideration when applying for the NYU Law Abroad and plan on the potential for an extended post-graduation job search. OCS and PILC can guide students individually in this matter.

Housing Disclosure

Students who will require NYU housing during convocation and/or to prepare for the Bar exam should plan to notify Residence Services during their semester of participation.

Program Cancelation

The programs may be canceled or suspended if there is insufficient enrollment or we are otherwise unable to offer a meaningful educational experience comparable to that in New York or to ensure the safety and well-being of students and members of the NYU community.
Should the program be canceled, students would receive an email communication from the School notifying them of the decision and indicating any actions necessary. Every effort will be made to complete the semester at NYU School of Law.

Withdrawal and Refunds

An opportunity will be provided for students to withdraw in the following circumstances:

  • If changes are made in the course offerings or other significant aspects of the program;
  • If, prior to the commencement or during the course of the program, a US State Department Travel Warning or Alert covering program dates and destinations is issued for the country in which the program will be conducted.

Should the program be canceled or a student choose to withdraw due to any of the circumstances listed above, all monies paid will be refunded within 20 days of withdrawal/cancellation with the exception of room and board payments utilized prior to the date of withdrawal/cancellation.