NYU Law Style Guide

Please note: The Office of Communications made important updates to NYU School of Law's style guide during Spring 2014.

Download the complete NYU School of Law Style Guide. (PDF)

Here are some key highlights of and updates to the guide:

  1. Periods have been eliminated in all acronyms and abbreviations for countries, organizations, and academic degrees, including US, UN, UK, EU, DC, JD, LLM, and JSD.
  2. Post-JD degrees should now appear without parentheses—e.g., Frank J. Guarini ’50, LLM ’55 rather than Frank J. Guarini ’50 (LL.M. ’55).
  3. Accepted references to the school:
    • New York University School of Law
    • NYU School of Law
    • NYU Law
    • the Law School
  4. The names of certain centers, locations and people both inside and outside NYU School of Law have often been submitted inaccurately. Commonly misspelled or misstated names include the following:
  • Dwight D. Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration
  • The Center on Law and Security
  • The Center on the Administration of Criminal Law
  • The AnBryce Scholarship Program
  • D’Agostino Hall
  • Tishman Auditorium
  • Richard Revesz
  • Samuel Issacharoff
  • Margaret Satterthwaite
  • Guantánamo Bay
  • Waldorf Astoria (not Waldorf-Astoria)
  1. We do not use nicknames for faculty (e.g., it is always “Roderick Hills” rather than “Rick Hills”).

  2. After an initial reference to the proper name of a center, program, institute, or colloquium at NYU Law (the Center on Law and Security, the Institute for Policy Integrity), subsequent references to “the center,” “the institute,” “the colloquium,” and so on should be lowercase. Even if an organization's official name begins with "The," in running text the initial "the" should be lowercase—e.g., "Welcome to the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law."