Flyer Templates

As a part of our larger effort to simplify event-planning at New York University School of Law, the Office of Communications has designed a series of flyer templates to make it easier to post notices of events around the Law School. The templates are pre-formatted, easy to use, and offer a more uniform and visible format for the flyers posted by staff, administrators, faculty and students. The goal is to create a more user-friendly and efficient system for promoting the variety of activities going on here at NYU School of Law.

The templates are Microsoft Word documents with the NYU School of Law logo embedded in the corner. You can select from a variety of photo images and two different sizes, standard letter size (8 ½ x 11) and legal size (8 ½ x 14). The font type and sizes are already formatted into the document with easy-to-follow instructions for inputting the details of your event.

Please make sure to read the Where to Post Flyers page for the rules and policies on posting your flyers.


Sample of a Finished Flyer