April 2021 — Follow the Leaders: States Set Path to Accelerate U.S. Progress on Climate
Bold state leadership has been the primary source of progress in the United States' response to the climate crisis, and states will continue to play a critical role in a new era of climate action.

March 2021 — Congress: Opportunities for Attorneys General in Environmental, Energy, and Climate Policy
With environmental, clean energy, and climate legislation gaining traction in Congress, there are many opportunities and avenues for state attorneys general to advance their priorities.

January 2021 — Full Court Press: How State AGs Guarded Against the Trump Admin.'s Anti-Regulatory Agenda
State AGs used the full range of legal tools at their disposal to keep many polluter-friendly rollbacks and policy reversals from taking root, while moving the ball forward on key priorities.

June 2020 — A Pass to Pollute: Environmental (Non)Enforcement Under the Trump Administration
Environmental enforcement has declined precipitously under the Trump administration, driven by deliberate efforts to restrict and curtail federal agencies’ capacity and jurisdiction.

December 2019 — 300 and Counting: State AGs Lead the Fight for Health and the Environment
Since the start of the Trump administration, state attorneys general have taken 300 legal and regulatory actions to fight climate change, advance clean energy and defend environmental laws.

September 2019 — State Attorneys General: Empowering the Clean Energy Future
State attorneys general are on the front lines of the clean energy transition — defending state authority, protecting consumers, promoting fair competition, and safeguarding the environment.

March 2019 — Climate & Health Showdown in the Courts
This report provides in-depth analysis of the cumulative climate change, economic and public health impacts of the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda.

February 2018 — State Attorneys General: 13 Months of Critical Actions
This report documents state AGs' work on clean energy, climate, and environmental issues of regional and national significance through the first 13 months of the Trump administration.