Op-Eds & Articles

The State Impact Center's attorneys regularly weigh in on emerging energy, climate and environmental law and policy issues through op-eds and articles in academic journals and other publications:


The DER future is nearly here? Stuck in the weeds on Order No. 2222 implementation
By Hampden T. Macbeth and Jessica Bell  •  July 15, 2020  •  Utility Dive

Big Changes May Be Ahead for Natural Gas Pipelines, If FERC Does Its Job
By Jessica Bell  •  September 16, 2020  •  Utility Dive

Trump Is Aggressively Pushing His Anti-Environment Agenda Amid a Pandemic. It’s Inexcusable.
By David J. Hayes  •  April 1, 2020  •  Washington Post

Erring on the Side of Trampling on States' Rights
By Jessica Bell  •  February 10, 2020  •  Utility Dive

State Attorneys General Prepare To Fight For Clean Energy Rights
By Jessica Bell  •  October 16, 2019  •  The Hill

The Looming Threat To State Renewable Goals in Wholesale Electricity Markets
By Jessica Bell  •  May 8, 2019  •  Utility Dive

Academic Articles & Other Analysis

Climate Stumbling Blocks: Zombie Energy Laws, States, and the Path to Paris
By Jessica Bell and Hampden T. Macbeth  •  2021  •  Environmental Law Reporter

Instead of ‘Hot Summer’ for FERC, Commission Lands in Hot Water
By Bethany Davis Noll •  November-December 2021  •  The Environmental Forum: "In the Courts"

The Biden Administration Can Learn From Trump-Era Court Loss
By Bethany Davis Noll •  September 29, 2021  •  Bloomberg Law

"Tired of Winning": Judicial Review of Regulatory Policy in the Trump Era
By Bethany Davis Noll •  2021  •  The Administrative Law Review

Last Term's High Court Decisions Hint at an Incremental Strategy
By Bethany Davis Noll •  September-October 2021  •  The Environmental Forum: "In the Courts"

No Big News Yet From a Changed Court's Environmental Docket
By Bethany Davis Noll •  July-August 2021  •  The Environmental Forum: "In the Courts"

Social Cost of Carbon Is a Case Study on Courts, Executive Orders
By Bethany Davis Noll •  May-June 2021  •  The Environmental Forum: "In the Courts"

Building Power in the Environmental Movement
By Bethany Davis Noll and Richard L. Revesz  •  May 2021  •  Green 2.0 Blog

Disorder in the Courts — More Than Usual Transition Upheaval
By Bethany Davis Noll  •  March-April 2021  •  The Environmental Forum: "In the Courts"

Preparing for Climate Disasters
By David J. Hayes, Jessica Grannis and Sarah Greenberger   •  January-February 2021  •  The Environmental Forum

Rulemaking Developments in 2020

By Bethany Davis Noll and Bridget C.E. Dooling  •  Winter 2021  •  Administrative and Regulatory Law News

U.S. Domestic Climate Policy — Looking Forward
By Bethany Davis Noll  •  Winter 2021  •  European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

State Attorneys General Take on the Anti-Climate Agenda
By David J. Hayes  •  November 4, 2019  •  Climate Reality Project Blog

State Attorneys General: Allies in the Fight Against Climate Change
By David J. Hayes  •  October 25, 2019  •  Citizens' Climate Lobby Blog