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Past Events 

Building Power in the Public Sector: DEI and Anti-Racism at Environmental Jobs in Government

November 1, 2021  •  Agenda

The Center co-hosted a panel with Green 2.0 and the New York City Bar to hear from professionals, including District of Columbia's Attorney General Karl Racine,  working on diversity, equity, and inclusion from within government agencies that focus on environmental law. The panel addressed what bureaus and agencies are doing to support diversity and inclusion and the path forward for the governmental and public sector in advancing equity. The event followed up on a three-part series held earlier in 2021, where panelists discussed their related efforts in the NGO and law firm sectors. The recording from the prior event is available here. The series overall was recently awarded the 2021 ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources award. 

Confronting the Climate Crisis: Western AGs Respond 

October 29, 2021  •  Agenda

The State Impact Center hosted Western AGs, including California AG Rob Bonta and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, to discuss their work addressing the climate crisis, promoting environmental justice, and bringing the public health and economic benefits of those policies to their states. They spoke about the impact of climate change in the West and explored how the federal government can and should affirmatively support state-level climate policies and programs. The event took place in advance of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and also built on the Center’s report from the spring, Follow the Leaders: States Set Path to Accelerate U.S. Climate Progress. 

Public Interest Law Center & State Energy Environmental Impact Center Panel

October 19, 2021 

PILC and the State Impact Center brought together alumni in environmental careers at national advocacy organizations and government agencies such as Earthjustice, the Southern Environmental Law Center, the DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, and more to discuss their careers. NYU Law students can view a recording of the event here.

Building the Grid of the Future: A Discussion of Transmission Reform

September 17, 2021  •  Agenda 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is seeking comments on a massive overhaul of its approach to the transmission grid. Transmission buildout is going to be important for bringing renewable energy to population centers and achieving clean energy goals, but many details about how we can construct transmission in a cost-effective, equitable manner that plans for the resources of tomorrow must be worked out. The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center hosted a discussion of FERC’s recent advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation and Generator Interconnection. This webinar featured an overview of FERC’s proposal from Liz Salerno, the Lead for Transmission and Technology Initiatives for Chairman Glick, followed by a panel discussion about how the proceeding relates to state clean energy goals, customer costs, environmental justice, and more. This event was covered in RTO Insider. 

Supreme Court and the States: A Focus on Administrative and Environmental Law in the Prior Term and Trends to Come

September 13, 2021  •  Agenda 

Much of modern administrative and environmental law rests on longstanding precedent out of the Supreme Court. States have long relied on these doctrines to protect their rights. Now with changes in both the presidency and the Court, much hangs in the balance. This conversation between Solicitors General covered last term’s cases and the upcoming ones on the Court’s docket, and the potential impact that the cases could have on states. This program was co-hosted by the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center and the State and Local Legal Center. 

Energizing Your FERC Practice

April 27, 2021  •  Agenda

With the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) emerging as a significant federal agency actor in the push for a clean energy future, the State Impact Center hosted a webinar providing an overview of the nuts and bolts of engaging in FERC proceedings. The webinar provided an overview of FERC’s major substantive areas of responsibility and discussed different ways to advocate in front of the Commission. A recording of the webinar with the chat is available here

Follow the Leaders: The State AG Role in U.S. Climate Progress

April 21, 2021  •  Agenda

In conjunction with our "Follow the Leaders: States Set Path to Accelerate U.S. Climate Progress" report, the State Impact Center convened a group of state AGs for a conversation about the vital role that states and AGs play in the U.S. response to the climate crisis.

Perspectives on Climate Change & Public Health

September 22, 2020  •  Agenda

The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center and the Institute for Policy Integrity co-hosted an online conference to explore the serious threat that climate change poses to public health. Experts from around the country discussed climate-related health problems and some of the barriers working against the full consideration of health impacts in climate and environmental policy.

Filling the Gap: State Enforcement of Federal Environmental Laws

July 22, 2020  •  Agenda

A discussion on the role states play to compel compliance with federal environmental laws, especially in light of the significant decline in federal environmental enforcement during the Trump administration.

The Fixed Resource Requirement (FRR) Alternative to PJM's Capacity Market

March 17, 2020  •  Agenda

A discussion of PJM Interconnection’s capacity market structure and the likely impacts of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s December 2019 Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR) order; an overview of the Fixed Resource Requirement (FRR) Alternative; and an examination of potential state actions to enable adoption of the FRR Alternative. Hosted by the State Impact Center, with Synapse Energy Economics, Inc.