How to Hire an NYU Law Fellow

State attorneys general selected for this program will work with the State Impact Center to recruit and hire NYU Law Fellows as Special Assistant Attorneys General (SAAGs). Fellows generally have five to ten years of experience and will provide a supplemental, in-house resource to attorneys general and their senior staff on clean energy, climate change, and environmental matters of regional and national importance. NYU Law pays the salaries of the SAAGs, and the State Impact Center provides ongoing support to the SAAGs and their offices. Consistent with legal obligations, the SAAGs’ sole duty of loyalty is to the attorney general who hired them.

Basic Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

The opportunity to potentially hire an NYU Law Fellow is open to all state attorneys general who demonstrate a need and commitment to advancing clean energy, climate, and environmental matters of regional or national importance. Initial funding supports a limited number of NYU Law Fellows who will serve as SAAGs (or the equivalent appropriate title) in state attorneys general offices for a two-year term.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the NYU Law Fellows/SAAG program, an application must contain the following:

1. Program Eligibility and Narrative

State attorneys general should describe the particular scope of needs within their offices related to the advancement and defense of progressive clean energy, climate, and environmental matters. Relevant details include the extent to which funding or other capacity constraints have limited the ability to work on these issues or how additional dedicated support could help advance the work of the state attorney general on behalf of his or her constituents.

Priority consideration will be given to state attorneys general who demonstrate a commitment to and acute need for additional support on clean energy, climate, and environmental issues of regional or national importance, such as those matters that cross jurisdictional boundaries or raise legal questions or conflicts that have nationwide applicability.

2. Program Structure

Applications should include specific details about the scope of expertise the state attorney general needs to advance his or her priorities in the clean energy, climate, and environmental arena. Details should also be provided about how the SAAG would be incorporated into the Office of the Attorney General, including the relevant internal reporting structure.

3. Budget Proposal and Confirmation of Authority

To be considered complete, applications must identify a proposed salary (or range) for a SAAG, with an explanation of how it would conform with the existing salary structure in the state AG office.

Applications also should identify any state-specific limitations or requirements governing the appointment of an employee paid by an outside funding source, and include a written confirmation that the attorney general has the authority to hire an NYU Law Fellow as a SAAG (or equivalent title).