Sydney Colopy, Program Manager

Sydney Colopy

Program Manager

Sydney Colopy joined the State Impact Center in September 2019 after graduating magna cum laude from Duke University with degrees in Public Policy and French. As program manager, Colopy tracks developments in the climate, environmental, and clean energy arenas, helps maintain the Center’s Issues in Focus web resource highlighting the work of state attorneys general in these arenas, and manages other day-to-day operations at the Center. In addition, she served as the lead author of the Center’s research on climate change and public health and coordinated the logistics for the Center’s online conference on the same topic. 

Colopy has previous experience interning with the League of Conservation Voters government affairs’ office where she worked on issues including public lands protections, chemical safety regulations, and climate change impacts in Madagascar. While at Duke, Colopy worked in the Sanford School of Public Policy’s communications office as an Assistant Producer for Sanford’s podcast Ways & Means and conducted research for a four-part series on climate change. Colopy also participated in various student groups, including the student-run ballet company Devils En Pointe, and was the treasurer for Duke Dance Expressions, a volunteer organization that provided free dance classes to underprivileged children in the Durham community.  •



Full Court Press: How State Attorneys General Guarded Against the Trump Administration's Anti-Regulatory Agenda 
(January 2021  •  Contributing Author)

A Pass to Pollute: Environmental (Non)Enforcement Under the Trump Administration
(June 2020  •  Contributing Author)

300 and Counting: State Attorneys General Lead the Fight for Health and the Environment
(December 2019  •  Contributing Author)


PFAS Federal Legislation in the 117th Congress
(Ongoing  •  Contributing Author)

Climate Change and Public Health
(September 2020  •  Author)

PFAS Federal Legislation in the 116th Congress
(2019-2020  •  Contributing Author)