Hampden MacBeth, Staff Attorney

Hampden Macbeth

Staff Attorney

Hampden T. Macbeth is an attorney with experience in climate, environmental, and energy law and policy. As staff attorney, his work has focused on the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the congressional and EPA response to the PFAS crisis; Macbeth has also contributed to multiple State Impact Center reports on the work of state attorneys general in protecting the environment, promoting clean energy, and acting on climate.

At the State Impact Center, Macbeth developed and managed the Center’s Health and Environmental Settlements Project. The Project culminated with the release of Looking Back to Move Forward: Resolving Health & Environmental Crises, which was published by the Environmental Law Institute Press in November 2020. He edited the book and authored a chapter in the book on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. The book details how seven major health and environmental liability and compensation crises were resolved to provide a rich source of insights that can inform and guide how the courts and Congress react to future challenges.

Macbeth previously served as an institute fellow at the Georgetown Climate Center, where he worked with states on Clean Power Plan implementation issues and on other policy strategies for cleaning their energy sectors. During law school, he interned at the Department of Transportation’s Office of General Counsel, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. Before law school, he served as a senior legislative assistant for Congressman Adam Schiff, handling an issue portfolio that included transportation, environmental, and energy policy. Macbeth graduated cum laude from Occidental College with a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs (international relations) and received his JD from Georgetown University Law Center, where he was managing editor of the Georgetown Environmental Law Review and graduated cum laude.

Macbeth has written extensively on the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, clean energy, climate mitigation programs, PFAS chemicals legislation and regulation, state leadership in the environmental and climate arena, and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. 

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Academic Articles

Climate Stumbling Blocks: Zombie Energy Laws, States, and the Path to Paris
(2021  •  Co-Author)

Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Ecosystems
(2017  •  Contributing Author)

Saving Obamacare Did Not Bake the Earth: Applying the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell Framework To the Conflicting Amendments at the Heart of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan
(2016  •  Author)

Nuclear Chaos: The Exelon-Pepco Merger and What It Means for Nuclear Power in the United States and the EPA’s Carbon Emission Rules
(2016  •  Author)


Looking Back to Move Forward: Resolving Health & Environmental Crises
(2020  •  Editor & Contributing Author)


Follow the Leaders: States Set Path to Accelerate U.S. Progress on Climate
(April 2021  •  Contributing Author)

Congress: Opportunities for Attorneys General in Environmental, Energy, and Climate Policy
(March 2021  •  Lead Author) 

Full Court Press: How State Attorneys General Guarded Against the Trump Administration's Anti-Regulatory Agenda 
(January 2021  •  Contributing Author)

300 and Counting: State Attorneys General Lead the Fight for Health and the Environment
(December 2019  •  Contributing Author)

State Attorneys General: Empowering the Clean Energy Future
(September 2019  •  Co-Author)

Climate & Health Showdown in the Courts: State Attorneys General Prepare to Fight
(March 2019  •  Contributing Author)

State Attorneys General: 13 Months of Critical Actions
(February 2018  •  Contributing Author)

An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in New Jersey
(September 2017  •  Contributing Author)

Mitigation Policy Considerations for the Maryland Commission on Climate Change
(February 2017  •  Contributing Author)

State Leadership Driving the Shift To Clean Energy: 2016 Update
(November 2016  •  Contributing Author)

Op-Eds and Analysis

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