New Issue Brief: Are We There Yet?

"Are We There Yet? Getting Distributed Energy Resources to Markets" breaks down the compliance and implementation of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order Nos. 841 and 2222, which aim to open organized wholesale markets to new technologies in the transition to a clean energy future. Read the Brief >>

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The non-partisan State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at NYU Law supports state attorneys general in defending and promoting clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies.

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In the Media

The DER future is nearly here? Stuck in the weeds on Order No. 2222 implementation
Utility Drive, by Hampden T. Macbeth and Jessica R. Bell, 7/15/21

California AG to SEC: Don't Let Public Companies Keep Investors 'In the Dark' About Climate 
The Hill, by Saul Elbein and Sharon Udasin, 6/29/21

Investors Demand Clarity on Climate Risks 
The Hill, by Saul Elbein and Sharon Udasin, 6/24/21

State Has Major Win in Buckhorn Mine Clean Water Act Case
Associated Press, 6/18/21

Exclusive: Compmanies Face a Financial Risk From the Climate Crisis, States Want Them to Reveal Just How Much
CNN Buisness, Matt Egan, 6/14/21

Landmark Deal Forces EPA to Require Asbestos Reporting
E&E News, by E.A. Crunden, 6/08/21

Calif. Wants EPA To Restore Power Over Vehicle Emissions 
Law360, by Juan Carlos Rodriguez, 6/02/21

AGs Battle at FERC Over Social Cost of Carbon
E&E News, by Miranda Wilson, 6/01/21

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