New Report: Full Court Press

In the face of the Trump administration's so-called "energy dominance" agenda, state attorneys general used the full range of legal tools at their disposal to keep many polluter-friendly rollbacks and policy reversals from taking root, while moving the ball forward on environmental justice, clean energy and PFAS contamination. Read the Report >>

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The non-partisan State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at NYU Law supports state attorneys general in defending and promoting clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies.

The Issues In Focus


Attorney General Actions by State

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In the Media

15 States Sue Over Trump Delay of Higher Automaker Fines
E&E News, by Maxine Joselow, 2/17/21

15 States Sue Over Trump Plan To Limit Automaker Fines on Emissions Standards
The Hill, by Rebecca Beitsch, 2/15/21

With the Stroke of a Pen, Biden Begins Undoing Trump’s Deregulation Policies
Public Integrity, by Sarah Kleiner, 2/5/21

FERC Weighs Tightening Rule on Pipeline Eminent Domain
E&E News, by Arianna Skibell, 2/1/21

GAO Report Identifies Need for Improving EPA Protection of Farmworkers
Beyond Pesticides, 1/29/21

Court Strikes Down Trump Rollback of Climate Regulations for Coal-Fired Power Plants
Inside Climate News, by Georgina Gustin, 1/20/21

NJ Sues Trump Over Last Minute Environmental Rollbacks
Patch, by Russ Crespolini, 1/20/21

Biden Nominee Elizabeth Klein Speaks Her Mind
E&E News, by Michael Doyle, 1/19/21

Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule Is Out
Greentech Media, by Emma Foehringer Merchant, 1/19/21

Issue Alerts

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Deepwater South Fork LLCs Proposed Wind Energy Facility Offshore Rhode Island
Comment Deadline 2/22/21

Environmental Protection Agency
Notice: Data Availability Relevant to the United States Hydrofluorocarbon Baselines and Mandatory Allocations
Comment Deadline 2/25/21

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Proposed Determination: Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Conventional Cooking Products
Comment Deadline 3/1/21

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Delay of Effective Date: Regulations Governing Take of Migratory Birds
Comment Deadline 3/1/21

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Delay of Effective Date: Procedures for the Issuance of Guidance Documents
Comment Deadline 3/4/21

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Delay of Effective Date: Energy Conservation Program - Test Procedures for Small Electric Motors and Electric Motors
Comment Deadline 3/4/21