César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández explores the double standards in criminalizing migrants when compared to White US citizens. He discusses how the current administration are quick to label migrants as criminals but refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of crimes committed by those in their own department. 
In this op-ed, Center Fellow Sarah Hamilton-Jiang discusses the racism that infects the Trump Administration’s immigration policies.

Racial Resentment is the Biggest Predictor of Immigration Attitudes, Study Finds, Washington Post, 07/10/2018
A new working paper focusing on attitudes towards Black Americans by political scientist Steven V. Miller of Clemson University shows “racial resentment has the largest magnitude effect” on the odds that a white respondent will express a preference for less legal immigration. The effect of racial resentment has “nearly six times” the impact as a belief that the economy has gotten worse on respondents' propensity to favor less immigration. Even though the study focused on Black Americans, Miller found White Americans’ attitudes toward African-Americans was a powerful indicator of how they felt about immigration.

The Rise, Fall, and Partial Resurrection of Trump's Travel Ban, Explained, Vox, 6/26/2017