Comments from Previous Classes

Olivia Bennaim-Selvi LLM ’02, Switzerland:

“Spending a summer at the Stern School of Business was a unique opportunity for me, as a lawyer, to immerse myself in the world of economics and business. It was a great privilege to be part of this new program, taught by wonderful professors. Learning with a small number of law students from all around the world made the classes interactive and enriching to the extreme. I realize now how much I have learned and how much economic and business-related issues are not only interesting, but also imperative for the good comprehension of the world we live in. I do not read a newspaper in the same way [after taking this program]. Being an LLM student, the knowledge I acquired is also put to use in my daily studies and I sometimes wonder how much less of a class I would have understood had I not followed the business program. I have been recommending this program to all who ask, since it is also a great occasion to meet and spend more time with other students, as well as get a flavor of New York beforehand!”

Oded Har-Even LLM ’02, Israel:

“Spending the summer at Stern School of Business was both an academic and a socially enlightening experience that put me in a much better position to pursue my LLM studies. Indeed, being a student in a small class consisting of students from all over the world, extensively learning business concepts and economic analysis, and having close, direct, daily contact with professors from the business arena was a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and get a wider perspective than one might acquire in legal practice. [The Certificate Program allowed me to] experience a different academic world. Today, when I am taking courses related to corporate and commercial law, I can see how much I have learned and how the legal studies are much clearer once you understand the financial concepts, the dynamics of the markets and the essence of business transactions that embody commercial law.”

Carlos Pellecer-Lopez LLM ’02, Guatemala:

“Deciding to participate in the Advanced Certificate Program in Law & Business (ACLB) was the best thing to do. It gave me the opportunity to complement my legal knowledge with a business background that opened my mind to new frontiers. As a lawyer, it is imperative to comprehend your clients' environment and the ACLB narrows the gap between managers and legal advisors. Notwithstanding the intensity of the first part of the program where we studied the core courses over the summer, it was an investment that showed its fruits pretty quickly, allowing me to take more advanced courses in the business school during the normal academic year, and thus to interact with future business people. By understanding the economic and financial forces that mold the evolution of law, I am confident that I will be better prepared to succeed as a professional. Whether I decide to practice law in the US or in my home country or not, the ACLB provided me with the necessary tools to face a variety of options that I had never thought of.”

David King ’05, United States:

“The summer program provided me with the foundational skills necessary to hit the ground running in the legal corporate world. During Early Interview Week, potential employers asked about and were impressed by the Certificate Program. Many commented that they wished they had had something like this program available to them in law school. It definitely gave me greater access to the job market. I cannot say enough about the professional benefits of the Certificate Program. These benefits aside, the small class size coupled with the diverse backgrounds (both professional and geographic) of my peers made for a unique learning environment. Of all of these benefits, I must say that the best thing to come out of it was the good friends I made.”

Carlos Chavez LLM ’04, Mexico:

“The ACLB was an extraordinary experience for me. The classes at Stern were my first at NYU and made a great impression on me: the openness of the professors, the thoroughness of the materials, and, of course, the novelty of the material I was dealing with (before this summer I had never before taken economics nor finance basic courses). I think that this basic business training adds value to my graduate studies and gives me a new perspective; not only am I more comfortable with courses requiring some economic or financial knowledge but I’m also able to study and interpret the law, understanding its underlying policies and reasons.”


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