Faculty and Organizational Structure


Professor Estreicher in a suit standing in front of NYU Law

The Center for Labor and Employment Law was founded and is directed by Professor Samuel Estreicher. Joining the New York University School of Law faculty in 1978 after a stint as a union lawyer and clerk with Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. of the US Supreme Court and Judge Harold Leventhal of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Professor Estreicher is widely regarded as one of the nation's leading experts in the field of labor and employment law and a scholarly force for rethinking the existing paradigms for labor relations and workplace regulation.

Professor Estreicher is the author of numerous articles and leading casebooks in labor law and employment discrimination law. Professor Estreicher's most recent publications include Beyond Elite Law: Access to Civil Justice in America (New York : Cambridge Univ. Press, 2016) (ed. with Joy Radice), Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination and Employment Law: The Field as Practised (West Academic 5th ed., 2016) (with Michael C. Harper and Elizabeth Tippett), Cases and Materials on Employment Law: The Field As Practised (West Academic 5th ed., 2016) (with Michael C. Harper and Elizabeth Tippett), and Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination: The Field As Practised (West Academics, 5th ed., 2016) (with Michael C. Harper and Elizabeth Tippett), Labor Law (St. Paul, MN : Foundation Press, 2016) (with Matthew T. Bodie), Labor Law: Cases, Material and Problems (New York : Wolters Kluwer 8th ed., 2015) (with Michael C. Harper and Kati L. Griffith); and University IP: The University as Coordinator of the Team Production Process (Indiana Law Journal Summer 2016)(with Kristina A. Yost).  He is also of counsel to Jones Day in New York.

The Center also draws strength from other specialists on the Law School faculty -- including those listed below, as well as faculty from the University's economics department, Stern School of Business, and Wagner School of Public Policy. In addition, the Center is forging a network of affiliated scholars in labor and employment law, industrial relations, labor economics and human resources management from other institutions.

  • William T. Allen, who chairs the joint Law School-Stern School of Business's Center for Law and Business
  • Paulette G. Caldwell in employment discrimination law
  • Cynthia Estlund in employment law, labor law, labor standards and the regulation of work
  • Lewis Kornhauser, economic analysis of law
  • Deborah Malamud, employment discrimination and new deal law
  • Laura Sager, clinical teaching of employment discrimination law
  • Richard B. Stewart and Richard Revesz in administrative law