Clarissa Redwine

Clarissa Redwine Headshot

Clarissa Redwine explores community-driven innovation.  As a philosophy student, she cofounded the nonprofit, TechMill, a hackerspace for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. Interested in crafting environments that foster innovation, she joined the global startup program, Techstars, as Program Manager of the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator.  After studying the startup accelerator model, she moved on to crowdfunding as Kickstarter’s Senior Outreach Lead for Design & Tech.  While growing the Kickstarter creator community, she guided the launch of projects at the forefront of open source hardware, science, and sustainable design. In 2019, Clarissa joined Kickstarter United, the first major tech company unionizing effort in the United States, and launched Solidarity Onboarding, a campaign to encourage collective action and create modern education materials for labor rights. 

Twitter: @ClarissaRedwine