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2021-22 Call for Fellows

The Engelberg Center invites applications for its one-year fellowship program.  Applications are due on August 8, 2021.  The fellowship is part-time, designed to complement and accommodate full time employment elsewhere.

The Center’s fellowship program provides an opportunity for individuals to explore areas of innovation law and policy as part of the Engelberg Center community.  The fellowship is open to lawyers, technologists, artists, policymakers, academics, and innovators of all kinds.  It does not require an academic or legal background, although it does welcome applicants with those backgrounds.  Fellows are expected to attend a monthly Fellows meeting (generally scheduled in the early evening on a weeknight) to discuss their work, and are encouraged to attend other events that bring together the Engelberg Center community.

We believe that the fellowship program and Engelberg Center community is strengthened by its diversity and, as such, encourage people of color, women, the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, and people at intersections of these identities, from across the spectrum of disciplines and methods, to apply for the fellowship.

How the Fellowship Works

The Engelberg Center fellowship is grounded in a fellow’s primary project.  That project generally takes the form of a question or issue that the fellow would like to explore.  The project should also include a plan to disseminate the conclusions of the exploration.  The project should be achievable within the one-year time period of the Fellowship.

Ideal candidates intend to use the fellowship as an opportunity to explore issues or questions in a way that they would be unable to do without the Center’s support, and to work with the Center to help disseminate and promote their conclusions.  Successful candidates will combine a compelling question with a specific ability to shed light on the answer to that question.  Candidates are encouraged to think expansively about both the subject and form of their primary project.  

Engelberg Center Fellows meet once per month to discuss their work in progress as a group.  Fellows are also encouraged to attend other Engelberg Center events and opportunities to connect with the larger Engelberg Center community.  

Fellowships are designed to last for one year.  Although Fellows are allowed to apply for a second consecutive fellowship, any second fellowship should be focused on a new project and not merely continue the work of the original project.  Fellows cannot apply for a third consecutive fellowship.  

The Engelberg Center fellowship program provides:

  • A grant of $10,000

  • Engagement as part of the Engelberg Center community

  • Support in refining, executing, and promoting your project

  • Access to academic research facilities

  • Access to conference rooms, swing desk space, and event space at NYU Law (in accordance with COVID guidelines)

The Engelberg Center fellowship program requires:

  • You to be primarily based in NYC    

  • Participation in monthly fellowship meetings    

  • Identification and completion of a primary project

The Engelberg Center fellowship program supports a wide range of projects.  Recent examples include:

  • Interoperability and Portability in the Wild, a report on a series of invitation-only roundtables discussing data portability and platform competition    

  • Kickstarter United Oral History Podcast, a podcast series exploring the unionization of workers at the tech company Kickstarter    

  • Legal Madness, a cabaret show now being developed into a theatrical production presenting examples of real-world challenges faced by in-house lawyers at tech companies    

  • Patent Reform for Social Justice, a whitepaper recommending reforms to the patent term extension process in order to increase public accountability    

  • Glam3D.org, a website and hub collecting best practices for creating 3D Open Access programs at GLAM institutions

You can also explore our current and alumni fellows on our team page.

Applicants may apply through this form.  We welcome questions via email at engelberg.center@nyu.edu.

About the Engelberg Center

The Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy provides a unique environment where scholars can examine the key drivers of innovation as well as the law and policy that best support innovation. By fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research on innovation law and policy, the Engelberg Center attracts legal scholars and practitioners, technologists, economists, social scientists, physical scientists, historians, innovators, and industry experts who study the incentives that motivate innovators, how those incentives vary among creative endeavors, and the laws and policies that help or hinder them.